All designs, patterns and pre production samples are made in Tacoma, Washington to reduce the amount of times we are shipping to / from manufacturing in Los Angeles. Samples are approved in batches and sent to manufacturing together. We are proudly partnered with Nana Atelier in Los Angeles, California. 



Our core collection is made of over 90% natural materials and we incorporate deadstock fabrics in various styles. All of our essential tees are made with organic cotton, and our rigid pant (made of upcycled canvas) we have partnered with The New Denim Project in Guatemala. We are slowly beginning to produce only using non plastic buttons and replacing with corozo nut or metal buttons. 



All garments are shipped from Los Angeles plastic - free. Our team of 3 works through out the week processing garments and they are stored bagless until they make it to their final destination (we use paper wrap and reuse boxes when we can).


Retail Partners

We partner with a small amount of retailers to stay in the know about product performance, fit, wear and so forth. Taking a slower approach allows us to keep an eye on the bigger picture of being mindful and responsible.



We are actively having open conversations with our manufacturer on ways we can reduce waste through leftover fabric and are excited about the chance to have some scraps being recycled starting 2022. We currently store unused fabric for future projects. It's our goal to make meaningful garments and through safe and slow practices we are ahead of most - if it doesn't feel right- we're just not doing it or moving forward.